Diving in the Maldives is a fascinating adventure. There are dives in the channels between the islands, to numerous thilas and along the countless reefs. The view is generally very good and manta rays, whales, spotted eagle rays and sharks can be seen depending on inbound or outboard current.


Don't dream, let your wish come true and come as guest on board of the Nautilus 1

The day normally begins with a knock on the cabin door at 6.30 am. Leave for the first dive at 7.00 am. The second dive is before lunch at approx. 11.00 am and the third dive at approx. 3 or 4 pm. One dive lasts a maximum of 60 minutes including safety check. Decompression dives are prohibited in the Maldives, maximum dive depth is 30m. Normally 3 dives are made. Diving is not permitted 24 hours prior to your departure flight.

Safety is our top priority. An extensive briefing is held before each dive. Briefings are held in English or German depending upon which dive masters are onboard. Dive depths and residual air are recorded afterwards.

EOne safety sausage is prescribed per dive. There are sufficient 12 litre cylinders with DIN and INT connections available as well as lead weights and one dive chest each for your equipment. If you need to hire equipment it is absolutely essential to order this in advance!

There is also a emergency kit onboard as well as oxygen and of course life vests. There are also two decompression chambers in the Maldives for any diving accidents.

Dives are made from our dive dhoni (Maldivian boat). All your equipment during your stay also stays aboard this dive dhoni. The compressor is also located on the dive dhoni, Arakuri.

Normally we have a dive guide to accompany the group. We wish to expressly indicate that the dive guide is not a diving instructor but a guide, who shows you the underwater beauty and who also understands current conditions.
One night dive is planned for every tour. Therefore it is advisable to bring diving lamps.
As there are also sometimes stronger currents in the Maldives, we require that only divers with experience (minimum of 40 dives) participate in such dives.

Naturally our divers respect the underwater world and neither cause damage to coral nor handle the fish and leave no rubbish behind on the islands or in the sea!