diving holidays maldives liveaboard safariboat Nautilus two and one
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diving holidays maldives liveaboard safariboat Nautilus two and one

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Maldives Liveaboards with Nautilus One & Nautilus two

dive safaris maldives with Nautilus One and Two

The Maldives – “the sunny side of life” – 1,190 islands – some inhabited, some uninhabited – await you. The Nautilus One and Nautilus Two safari boats bring you into the most beautiful atolls.

Diving in the Maldives, for many a dream - we bring you closer to realising your dream with our homepage.

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DIVING in the Maldives - the best diving places of
the Maldives

Marvellously lush coral gardens and countless varieties of fish can be found everywhere in the Maldives. At water temperatures from 29 to 31 degrees you can easily leave your thick “Neoprene suit” at home. You will have a “WHALE of a time” on coral reefs with many large fish, the diversity of which can now only found in a few places around the globe. We offer you top quality dive safaris on our homepage www.maldives-divesafari.com.

The safari boats built in traditional Maldivian style with a spaciousness that distinguishes them nicely from other boats. In the above-average space offering the service provided is with a capital “S” and a bit of Austrian comfort can also be felt onboard, which is the result of an intensive collaboration with Bunte Urlaubswelt travel agency from Schörfling, particularly Alois Männer. Exclusive offers only available on these ships include not only fresh draught beer and chilled international wines, but also Kaiserschmarrn and other Austrian dishes and international delicacies.

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Schützt die Malediven – Müllproblem bringt das Urlaubsparadies in Gefahr
Alois Männer und das Reisebüro Bunte Urlaubswelt sponsern ein neues Müllentsorgungsprojekt
diving holidays maldives liveaboard safariboat Nautilus two and one

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Ein Tag an Bord der Nautilus One
Die Wellen plätschern leise, ein leichtes Summen des Stromgenerators, einige sanfte Schritte an Deck – ein neuer Tag an Bord der Nautilus One kündigt sich an. Durch den Gong
Tauchurlaub Malediven Tauchschiff Safariboot Nautilus two and one

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